Dare Coupal


The Project

The Coupal and Dare sites enjoy a strategic position in the city of Saint-Lambert. Within walking distance of the train station and Victoria Avenue, these industrial properties are part of a redevelopment vision based on the principles of a TOD (Transit Oriented Development).

The project will be designed based on axes of sustainable development in accordance with our values.
Axis 1


  • Reduction of heat islands
  • Renaturalization
  • Vegetated interior courtyards
  • Urban agriculture
  • Native and permacultural plants
  • Responsible water management
Axis 2


  • Sustainable urbanism
  • Density and compactness
  • Pedestrian permeability
  • Respect for the existing built environment
  • Generational mix
  • Diversified housing
  • Meeting places
  • Complementary uses
  • Cohabitation
  • Strong link with the host community
Axis 3


  • Multiple transportation accessible on foot
  • Extension of the bicycle path
  • User-friendly street and shared transportation modes
  • Reduced car presence
  • Minimization of on-street parking
  • Infrastructure to encourage car-sharing and electrification of transportation
Axis 4


Consume less, recover more and produce more (energy, water, food)
Axis 5


Choice of healthy materials and strategy to reduce noise from the train 

Who we

picture of the Dare Coupal project
Founded in 2008, Montreal-based real estate development company PUR Immobilia focuses on the revitalization and redevelopment of key strategic sites, hence the name PUR: Perfect Urban Redevelopment. PUR’s management team has the know-how and experience to implement complex real estate projects. From acquisition to development, through planning, sales, leasing, marketing and management, PUR is a market leader in real estate development.
The PUR Immobilia team is pleased to announce its partnership with the Doucet family, owners of the former Matériaux Coupal site, and its contractual agreement with Les Aliments Dare to redevelop these lands.
“Resident of Saint-Lambert, this is were I raised my family. It is a privilege for me to develop this structuring living environment for my community.”

Philippe Bernard
Lambertois and founding co-president.

the people behind the Dare Coupal project

“When we develop a project, we remain the owner of a portion of the units. We have in mind to develop and to stay in on the long term.”

Yann Lapointe

“Being the owner of the Coupal Hardware site for more than 25 years, it was natural for me to partner with PUR Immobilia in order to give back to the community. “

Jean-Charles Doucet


Meetings with local stakeholders
Public information sessions will begin shortly with the different local stakeholders to present the project’s vision and to hear the population’s needs, learn about their concerns and answer the questions raised. This proactive and transparent exercise is led in advance of a public consultation to be proposed by the City of Saint-Lambert at a later date.

To see the first information session on June 22, 2021, click here.

Other sessions will be held at a later date and announced here.
Registering for the Citizen’s Forum

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